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Our Asphalt Paving Services

Residential Paving

Driveway Sealing
New Driveway Installation
Crack Filling & Repairs

Commercial Paving

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving
Asphalt Parking Lot Repair
Parking Lot Striping & Line Painting

Industrial Paving

Access Road Construction

Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a protective coating for asphalt roads, parking lots and driveways. Sealcoating not only improves the apperance, but is also important factor for long lasting asphalt. Our experience ensures you get the longest lasting and best possible sealcoating. We have several different types of sealcoatings available. With a brief consultation we can decide which choice would be best for your asphalt.

Hot Mix Asphalt

West Tex Paving we have the latest and the best equipment available to make sure that you get the best possible job. Hot mix is a great product for many different reasons. When it’s laid it’s approximately 330 degrees, When it’s cooled it gets very solid and if laid correctly it’s a very smooth surface that will last a long time.

Tar and Chip

We are one of the few paving contactors left that provide Tar and Chip Paving. Tar and chip paving

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled Asphalt is more of a base material that will not collect dust or get muddy when it rains. It also will not rut out after a heavy rain and its wearability varies under different circumstances. It works well where there is straight on and off traffic. Another great aspect of using recycled asphalt is that it is much cheaper than hot mix so if you have a larger area you can save a lot of money.

New Driveways, Parking Lots & Pavement Construction

West Tex Paving brings nearly a full century of knowledge and superior customer service to West Texas’ new construction projects. Because we have such extensive experience and direct access to our own materials, we can provide you with paving solutions to suit new construction projects of any size or scope. If you have a paving job, we have the resources to get it done in a timely and efficient manner.

Dirt Work & Excavation

We can grade, level and clear any areas that need it. We also put down caliche that can make any soft ground hard so that you can drive anything you want across it and it won’t sink or rut out.